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Glass Toy

What is a Glass Dildo?

A glass dildo is an artificial and lifelike penis that is made of a durable material, known as Pyrex. This lends the dildo a glassy look and feel, and hence it acquires the name of glass dildo.

A glass dildo is majorly used by women to enjoy smooth sensations on their genitals. Moreover, these dildos are non-toxic and phthalate-free. Therefore, there are hardly any chances to attract bacteria or contaminants. Also, glass dildos among other dildos are easy to wash and clean. You can browse for more high-quality glass dildos and other sex toys in Amritsar.

How to Use a Glass Dildo?

Using a glass dildo is quite pleasant for girls. Rather, it is quite easy to use and requires zero effort in the process. Most importantly, it depends on the user as to how she makes good use of it for enjoying the stimulations.

Beginners can start using a glass dildo for external stimulation. In this process, the toy needs to be rolled gently across her genital area. Hence, the user will experience wild stimulations on using this glass toy. 

The interesting thing about a glass dildo is that it can be used on the shoulders for having erotic sensations. Some girls also use it on their back for stimulations. For those who enjoy solos, they can simply rub it over their clitoris. Here the shaft on the toy does the real trick.

Before using a glass dildo, it would be best to lube it up. If you are willing to take smoother penetrations, using a lubricant would be any day safer. Try shopping from the range of female sex toys in Amritsar for more varieties.

Why a Glass Dildo is Safe to Use?

It is quite natural for one to fear about inserting glass into her genitals. However, it is true that glass dildos are the safest to penetrate into the female private parts. Apart from being safe and harmless, it has no chances to break and hence makes a perfect choice for women.

These glass sex toys in Amritsar are so durable that they do not break easily, irrespective of any sort of pressure imposed. Yes, it’s a bit heavy compared to other dildos but the user won’t feel any stress on her hands while holding it. 

How do you Clean Glass Dildos?

There is no big deal in cleaning a glass dildo. In fact, it does not take any effort to do so. In comparison to other dildos, a glass dildo is the safest to clean due to its material quality. 

A little amount of lukewarm water and soap are good to wash a glass dildo. Clean right from its head till the bottom as thoroughly as possible.

After you have properly cleaned the glass dildo, use some alcohol to spray it and rub well. When it is done, wipe it properly.

Where can I Buy a Glass Dildo?

A glass dildo can be bought at any adult toys store. But the online sex toy store has wider variety and latest arrivals. Moreover, you can order a glass dildo online and get it delivered discreetly at your doorstep. 

So, your confidentiality does not come into question while you buy a glass dildo online. For a more unique collection, you can shop for glass dildos in Amritsar at cheaper rates.