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Imkinky.in: Buy Hottest Sex Toys In India

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The majority of people synonymize sex with lovemaking, which is surprisingly incorrect. When you mean sex, it relates mostly to a straight intercourse in order to meet the sexual urge. But when you mean lovemaking, it means a lot more, a more elaborate act of love that starts right before intercourse and ends quite a bit later.

So, if you think you need to go beyond the usual intercourse and make your sexual acts more intensifying, try sex toys. To be specific, the collection of sex toys in Jaipur can prove to be quite effective in this respect. The online adult toy store in Jaipur will bring all types of sex toys for men and women who will take pleasure in building a wonderful sex life.

On the other hand, singles as well as couples who are willing to wipe off the monotonousness in their sex life can browse the collection of sex toys in Nagpur. Here you will come across latest arrivals as well as some super trendy products.

Believe it or not, using a sex toy throws a volley of questions on the user’s mind. One of the first things is whether it would be harmful to insert into the genitals. Also, whether the sex toys would be worth in terms of satisfaction remains a concern. Furthermore, there are myths that these toys might kill the dependency on humans to quench one’s bodily thirst.

To answer all such questions and resolve these queries, the online collection of sex toys in Jaipur as well as that of sex toys in Nagpur will be wise to lay hands upon. Now, let’s take a look at some of the male and female sex toys that are worth adding to your shopping cart:


Rabbit Vibrator

There are several ways to achieve orgasm, which girls do with pleasure. Here comes a sensational gadget that would now make this happen so easily. Rabbit vibrators look similar to a phallus, and can rotate and vibrate as well. While shopping online, one can go with Mini Rabbit Vibrator, Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator, Butterfly Clitoris 6-function Rotation Rabbit Vibrator, and more.


Electro Sex Toy

If you hadn’t felt the blend of electricity and passion before, gift your girl an electro sex toy that would bring on thrilling moments. These machines allow electrical impulses to flow to the private parts of women, getting them ready for passionate encounters. The Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit and the Butterfly Dance Electro Sex Kit are grand picks for those naughtier nights.


Pussy pump

Just like men take good care of their penile problems, women too remain concerned whether they are absolutely free of any vaginal complications. The female pussy is extremely sensitive and can end up getting complicated on being treated wrongly. However, a pussy pump is a very safe gadget and used for sexual pleasure. It majorly uses vacuum around the clitoris, labia or vagina while a pump system is utilized with a chamber for directing the blood flow to the pussy. Try using the Portable 3 in 1 Miniature Clitoris Sucker and the Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrator.


Penis Enlargement Cream

No sad penis stories will be told by men because the penis enlargement cream will now take care of men with such serious problems. Those embarrassing situations will also take a backseat as these enlargement creams would effectively play a key role in extending the male penis size. Some of the recommended penis enlargement creams are XXL Strong Penis Enlargement Cream, Inverma Largo Penis Enlargement Gel, the Ultra Foam Penis Enlarging Cream etc.


Inflatable Love Doll

All men want long naughty hours from their girlfriend. But sex dolls can be men’s lifetime bed partners. The inflatable love dolls are super attractive, hot and sexy figures that come with realistic private parts. As the name goes, one can inflate these dolls to a full size and make love. The inflatable love dolls are made of silicone, and are therefore quite safe and soft to play with. Inflatable Girlfriend, Inflatable 3D Wife, the Angel Blow Up Baby Doll are few of the best ones to try.


Glass Dildo

When you ask a girl what type of dildo she would love to play with, she would preferably stick to glass. A glass dildo is no doubt very safe as  it is actually made of high-quality Pyrex. This adds to its safety to a good extent. Glass dildos, as a matter of fact, are quite effortless to clean. Some glass  dildos that are worth trying include the Dotted Purple Glass Dildo, Pleasure Glass Dildo, Anal Glass Dildo, Bud Glass Dildo etc. To shop for more variety of glass dildos, check the latest collection of female sex toys in Thane.


Artificial Hymen

Women who have lost virginity are no more required to worry about being exposed. The use of artificial hymen has been popularized among women. These actually look like the original hymen that even oozes out blood on being stroked. The artificial virginity hymen can be considered for women who are willing to keep their lost virginity hidden. High on quality, an artificial hymen will be absolutely safe for women.  


Silicone Sex Doll

If there is anything erotic for men, it is nothing but silicone dolls. These comprise hot bodies, squeezable private parts and lifelike statures that are going to be quite pleasurable for men. If you are heading to shop for silicone sex dolls, try going with Fashion Girls USA, Full Body Real Silicone Doll, Double Doll, Clares Acrobatic Fantasy Male Apparatus Doll etc. Go for more such attractive sex dolls from the range of female sex toys in Thane.


Male Masturbator

A male masturbator is the smartest alternative to those same and old human hands. Instead, the masturbation toys for men come with vaginal inserts that are made of good quality silicone. So, there is no fear of any skin complications while using these male masturbators. Some of the masturbating devices that men would love using are Pussy in Can, Spider Sower masturbator, Pocket Pussy, Alone Girl, Fleshlight masturbator, etc.


Herbal and Lubricants

One of the best things about using natural products for one’s sex life is maintaining sexual wellness. This can be possible with products made of natural herbs and other ingredients. The online sex toys store keeps a fine range of herbals and lubricants that would benefit not only singles but also couples. Some of the products to be considered in this category include Penis enlargement cream, delay sprays, Breast Enlargement Cream, toy cleaners etc.


Purchase Sex Toys in Jaipur and Sex Toys in Nagpur

Now instead of worrying what to choose and what not, visit this online sex toy store and start exploring what’s in store for men, women and couples. Get attractive deals while shopping for sex toys in Jaipur, and sex toys in Nagpur and have a fun-filled sex life.


Payment Policies are so Easy and Flexible

As far as the payment scheme for buying sex toys online goes, it brings the most flexible and hassle-free payment policies. Cash on delivery is the most reliable and flexible payment policy that gives users the advantage to pay at their convenience. Besides, there is debit card or credit card through which the payments can also be made. Apart from these, there is Payumoney through which the payment can be made safely.


Our Journey Throughout India

Imkinky had covered a very smooth journey in making a huge number of people sexually safe and active. During this journey, it has made remarkable additions with great products, flawless service and deep commitment. Apart from making people aware of sexual wellness in Thane, it went on with a similar mindset to other big cities across India.

So, here are some of those destinations where we created a big difference. Have a look:



Delhi has been one of the most responsive cities where we have got vibrant users. This was where we got most orders delivered and got great feedbacks in return. The rising percentage of users at our store was quite precise here.

43% women were for luxury vibrators in Delhi while 37% men showed curiosity for spider sower masturbators. Double dongs were in huge demand among college girls and graduates.



Some awesome responses were from Hyderabad where the demand of non-vibrating dildos and glass dildos was huge. Cock rings came among the highest selling male sex toys in Hyderabad.

The demand of pussy pumps was also quite noteworthy. Women aged between 30 and 35 came as the highest users for these. Even couples were found to be ordering more for anal vibrators and anal beads.



The people of Mumbai grabbed our attention largely. Surprisingly, the orders here covered almost all our categories and this was indeed special. Products like fun vibrators, male strokers and strap-on showed a rising curve in the last 8 months. Besides, the demand of sex machines, silicone dolls and BDSM toys too came to notice.

Bullet vibrators and WeVibe drew maximum female users while couples in good numbers went for strap-on vibrators.



Kolkata came up with users asking more for rabbit vibrator and cock rings. Men who were aged between 38 and 47 ordered more for delay sprays.

The BDSM sex toys in Kolkata voted the highest sales for handcuffs and chastity lock device.



Chennai was among the cities to respond quite positively towards vibrating panties and silicone dolls. The need for lubricants and delay sprays was also felt from different corners of the city.

The nipple vibrators also recorded users who were mostly married. Besides, there were breast enlargement pumps that were ordered by women mostly over 35. The male masturbators also grabbed most of the attention among men.


So, this is how Imkinky covered the major parts of India and brought incredible responses. This showed how so many Indians want to bring big changes in their sex life. India being a reserved country in this respect is all set to make their citizens sexually happy. So, we took this initiative to get this job done in a very flexible manner.

Imkinky is quite optimistic regarding the use of adult toys and accessories in the coming days. We hope people would become more responsive and confident in highlighting their sexual abilities. For this, we would bring more advanced toys, accessories and natural supplements for one and all.