Artificial Purity Hymen AH-001
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Artificial Purity Hymen AH-001

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Artificial Hymen For Women, Stainless pledge, Second Hymen, 

Artificial hymen is suitable for the woman who with broken hymen. put artificial hymen into the Honeypot. It will inflate when meet warm secretion and envelop the Honeypot. The Dong breaks the layer, and the hemachrome with the secretion lay on the Dong and vulvae. It looks like the really blood very much. The effect will be better if the woman pretend feel pain and shy.

Character: It is dark red translucence film, suppleness. It dissolves into the secretion become mucus, and do not flyblow clothes.

[Ingredients]- natural albumen glue, medical expand element, Methylcellulose and so on.

[Using]-Open the package, get the hymen and knead it. Put it into the Honeypot. If the Jellyroll is dry, wet the hymen 5 to 8 seconds then put it into Honeypot; The best time is 20 to 30 minutes before Pleasure; The effect will be better if the woman pretend feel pain and shy; Wash the vulvae after Pleasure; It is easy to use and no toxic, pain, hypersusceptibility and side-effect effect for the body.

[Effectiveness]-Artificial because there's no side effect to human component is the natural glue, drug-inflated, carboxymethyl cellulose-based water-soluble detergent. "Artificial hymen" placed inside the Jellyroll, thermal expansion and dissolve secretions, and quickly shut the Honeypot, Dong, one of the sealant has a blood red liquid based agent with the Dong and vulva tic and the mixed paper. If the mixture of pain and shy like a better effect.

[Note]-Cleansing the "blood" after Pleasure act, stored at normal temperature.

[Package]- Aseptic carton packaging aluminum foil bag, compact and easy to carry.


How it Works

Insert the Artificial Hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrates, it will ooze out a liquid that appears like blood, not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans and you will pass through undetectable! It's easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction. Here is close up photo of the Artificial Hymen:


How to use

  • Wash both hands thoroughly with soap to ensure the highest possible hygine level


  • Open the Aluminum package and completly unfold the Artificial Hymen, then carefully place it inside the vagina using your index finger. If the vagina is dry, dip the Artificial Hymen in water and then put it into the vagina as quickly as you can using your index finger


  • Place the Artificial Hymen inside the Honeypot not more than 15-20 minutes before the intercourse. Please note that inserting the Artificial Hymen inside the Honeypot any longer than 20 minutes before the intercourse may result in the product losing it's form and evenually dissolve inside the Honeypot.


  • Finally after the Pleasure intercourse, clean the vulva from the fake blood. Please note that some of the Artificial Hymen will dissolve inside the Honeypot and will not fall out completly after the intercourse
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