Power Penis Enlargerment Pump Delux Quality V2 PE-007
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Power Enlargerment Pump Delux Quality For Woman V2 PE-007

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A best-selling penis pump to enlarge your most important asset and it effectively works as an erection facilitator too. Comes with the popular plunger grip handle, a 7.8 inch acrylic clear chamber, two silicone sleeves to fit all sizes.


 Colour :    Black and Clear

 Material :      Plastic

 Functions :  Enlarger, Developer

 Chamber Length  :     7.8" (20cm)

 Circumference  :      7"

FULL DESCRIPTION - Power Enlargement Pump delux Quality V2

Strengthen and enlarge your most important asset with this effective and best-selling pump. A high quality enlargement pump that includes a 7.8 inch clear acrylic chamber, a plunger grip handle, quick pressure release valve, two silicone sleeves, a loveskin Muff insert and a free lubricant sample. Use the loveskin Muff insert to stimulate and make your Dong erect which in turn makes pumping more effective. Get this powerful Enlargement pump to enlarge your Dong and to achieve stronger and longer lasting erections.

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