Ultra Pro Enlargement Pump For Man PE-008
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Ultra Pro Enlargement Pump For Man PE-008

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A best-selling Enlargement pump to enlarge your most important asset and it effectively works as an erection facilitator too. Comes with the popular plunger grip handle, a 7.8 inch acrylic clear chamber, two silicone sleeves to fit all sizes.


Colour  : Black and Clear

Material :  Plastic

 Functions  :  Enlarger, Developer

 Chamber Length:     7.8" (20cm)

 Circumference :  7"

FULL DESCRIPTION - Ultra Pro Enlargerment Pump PE-08

Strengthen and enlarge your most important asset with this effective and best-selling Enlargement pump. A high quality pump that includes a 7.8 inch clear acrylic chamber, a plunger grip handle, quick pressure release valve, two silicone sleeves, a loveskin Muff insert and a free lubricant sample. Use the loveskin Muff insert to stimulate and make your Pee-Pee erect which in turn makes pumping more effective. Get this powerful pump to enlarge your penis and to achieve stronger and longer lasting erections.

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