Automatic Adjustable Multifunctional Pleasurable Machine V2 SM-003
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Automatic Adjustable Multifunctional Pleasurable Machine V2 SM-003

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Japan consoling machine gun Pleasurable machine A-2 new upgrade

Voltage: DC-12V

Power: 40W

Telescopic speed: 0-420/

Flexing strength: 28 kg

Telescopic distance: 4 cm [ ] can adjust their own body with the use of

Chuck: stepless speed dynamic positioning

< function > through the telescopic tic massage female sensitive region, endocrine regulation, reach treatment, consoling, improve the quality of life of purpose


Specifications: full length 36CM width 13CM machine adjusting upward angle of 85 degrees to90 degrees downward angle

Weight: 2.7kg packaging machine with power supply with gifts of 4 kilograms of computation

Goods services: passion rods were randomly paired Collocation a passion Rod

Usage and dosage: the apparatus before use, please use1% Bromogeramine solution or75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub, and apply a small amount of lubricant, with better use of condoms

Fixed sucker down 4pins fixed on a flat table. The bed . Tile or flooring according to power socket. Drive frequency adjusting rotary button adjustable apparatus for stretching speed and height adjustment [ at home ] situation placed

Ingredients: machinery metal manufacturing passion bar Senior soft

Note: this apparatus for personal use, use down wash dry. Should pay attention to hygiene

Not easy to dirt and ink coat contact, please pay attention to waterproof power box

After use, apparatus into a packaging box, according to the original position are respectively arranged for the next use.


This machine gun is adjustable  Pleasurable machine, a tireless fighter, meet  your Pleasurable dreams! Simulation phallus fully comply with the feminine hymen to touch  G point to enrich your feeling. With the wire control knob, you can always control interpolation speed to achieve different rhythm feeling and experience.


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